All About Brushes For Makeup

All About Brushes For Makeup

Brushes are essential tools to make a beautiful makeup. So, I decided to make my makeup brush set reviews possible so that it has no more secrets for you.

There are many brushes and each with a particular utility but, in my eyes, they are not all essential.

The element that can distinguish a make-up brush to another is its hair. The hairs can be synthetic or natural.

Synthetic brushes are more rigid than natural brushes which allows a more precise result. It is therefore ideal to take a synthetic brush to apply eyeliner, lipstick or the concealer.

Natural brushes, they are much softer and allows a more diffuse and more natural application. They are therefore ideal for applying all powder products such as blush, eye shadow and face powders.

The natural hair used to make these brushes are hairs from the coat of a goat, a pony, a squirrel or marten.

When choosing your brush, it will be necessary to pay attention to its quality. it’s very easy to determine if a brush is of good quality or not. you just have to put your fingers in the hair to see if the sensation is pleasant and if the hair tends to fall. if the hairs fall, the brush is not very good quality.

We are not going to hide it, brushes are a budget and we must take care of them so we can keep them as long as possible.

for this, you must clean your brushes regularly. There is specific cleaner for brushes but it is not necessarily mandatory. You can also clean your brushes with mild soap, cleansing milk or baby shampoo. The product should be mixed with a little water, emulsified and rinsed until the water becomes clear. then dry the brushes on a towel while making sure the hairs do not wrinkle.

Do not hesitate to invest to have good brushes but that does not mean that you can not find brushes that have good quality at reasonable prices. If you do not want to invest money, I recommend the Hema brush which is very soft and does not lose too much hair.

Personally, I really like the brushes of too faced who have a crazy quality.

otherwise if you decide to invest in brushes, start by buying only the essentials.

for me, the essentials are:

powder brush

blush brush

shading brush

stencil brush

Hollow Eyelid Brush / Eye Contouring

lip brush

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