Autumn Skin Care

Autumn Skin Care

Autumn should be a more comfortable seasons in the four seasons, skin problems are less. However, after summer baptism, the skin becomes dull, spots and acne printed appearance, the fall is the best time to treat.

Autumn, the weather is dry, the temperature difference is larger, the skin is not easy to adapt. Into the fall, the skin’s moisture and reduce the secretion of oil, such as continuing to use the summer moisturizing products may not be able to meet the needs of the skin. Then use more moisturizing Best Skin Care products.

We must pay attention to the ingredients, you can use “lock water” ingredients moisturizing products, such as: paraffin, petrolatum, grape seed oil, lock the moisture inside the skin cells. I suggest that you change the daily skin care products slowly, to avoid skin does not adapt to stimulate the reaction occurs.

Many people have a misunderstanding that they do not need to do sunscreen during the autumn day, so it is a mistake. UV rays penetrate the clouds and reach the ground. The reason is the ability of the clouds to block visible light is far stronger than ultraviolet light, and the UV because it is invisible to the naked eye, so many people illusion that sky over the case, the same UV reduction. In fact, it has been observed that some cloudy days, ultraviolet rays even stronger! This phenomenon is called the “Broken-cloud effect,” as though a magnifying glass focuses the light. Autumn is a good hiking hiking season, while you play or remember to do a good sun!

The arrival of the fall also means everyone is ready for Christmas and New Year, which of course includes our skin so that we can participate in parties and parties in the best possible condition. Autumn UV index is low, and not too cold, which is a good time to whitening and skin rejuvenation. Skin tone can be made even with skin care products that contain vitamin A and acid. If there is freckles, then 755nm wavelength laser removal. Of course, the dry skin caused by fine lines and dull, moisturizing treatment in this season is also very popular.

Autumn, cool breeze, everyone’s clothes to the rest of the season, keep in mind skin care products also season. Make good use of this time, good skin care work, to prepare for the winter season!

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