Blender Mixer And Mixer Ufesa

Blender Mixer And Mixer Ufesa

If the snow point is one of your strengths and you enjoy preparing homemade desserts and pastries, here is a small 3 in 1 appliance

We are talking about the Ufesa Whip, best mixer grinder  that you can use daily in your kitchen for different uses such as stir-fries, masses, fillings for dumplings or croquettes, assorted sauces, creams And, before you begin to salivate, we will give you another tasty reason, with free shipping if you have a premium account.

Although it is not a professional model, it is ideal for all those people who enjoy preparing cakes and desserts. This type of dough is not as hard as bread, which, although it can also be achieved with this appliance, does not achieve the same results as other machines designed for this purpose.

With its plastic container you will see that kneading is simple: this bowl is automatically turning to get a kneading quickly and with less effort on your part. While it is done, go collecting the remains of dough that remain in the walls and direct them towards the center of the bowl so that it is well homogenous. This small mini domestic robot has 5 levels of speed and Turbo function but for what users comment that they have tried its great power (300W) makes it advisable not to go from level 1 or 2, otherwise the walls of your kitchen They will be seasoned with various pieces of food

As for its accessories, it has 2 rods to beat and 2 to knead, apart from the crusher arm – assembled it looks like a Minipimer with a somewhat larger body – and the plastic container. The only thing it does not have is a lid to close this piece while bats or crituras your recipes. Therefore, it is preferable to lower the power and avoid splashing or put some type of lid or plastic.

or what is worth this phenomenal. The only thing that the arm of the blender encounter is that it weighs a lot. When you use the bucket, you have to go from time to time with a tongue scraping the mass of the sides because it does not make the turn so big but I would buy it again without a doubt.

It is a product that I like, practical and that allows a simple decoupling of all its parts for a perfect cleaning and handling. It is not for professional use but meets all expectations. I recommend it to all those who are passionate about homemade pastry, as it allows to prepare all kinds of desserts and also quickly and comfortably.

It’s perfect, although for me, it just lacks a lid because it splashes. The power it has is incredible. It is highly recommended and has a very good price.

I use it only to mount clear and the truth that fulfills perfectly. It is seen that it is not a high-end blender but at the moment no problem. There are comments about speed 1 and its speed and although it is true that it is quite fast, riding clear does not splash.

It is a homemade mixer. For soft masses it works very well and the glass rotates goes great. It is a machine in perfect quality-price ratio. I do not recommend it for hard masses like bread or pizza because it has no strength but, For this money, what else do you want?

I like it very much, everything very well. The only thing I do not like is that with the arm to shred the speeds do not go, it only works with the turbo, so to make mayonnaise or alioli splashes you. But I like it a lot.

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