Cars, Toys And Men

Cars, Toys And Men

Today’s great drivers were the little players of yesterday. Our relationship to the car starts very young. From the first steps, we find it constantly in the big toy cars of little boys (and girls too) and at every age of life. And if we opened the toy box?The trotter

Before even knowing how to walk, we start to ride!

The tractor is a classic for many generations. Here, the model without the trailer.

Small cars

must – sees! And how not to mention “Les majorettes”, French brand, which has delighted generations of children? And that continues today

And as a field, there are timeless garages and play mats with road patterns.

The remote-controlled car is a big battery-eater. Especially since it took a lot for the car and the remote control. The electric circuit Ah, the TCR Alain Prost with cars that could debut! We could also assemble rails of another circuit to build its own courses, which we recognize, was often much more extreme than those planned by the manufacturer

Convertible cars Transformers and Mask toys

Cartoons were a hit and the merchandising were huge. I’m sure there are still some traces in the attic of your parents. The bumper cars

I do not know if it was the same for you, but there was always one that targeted me and that did not let me go all the way around Finally, a classic of the carousel that continues today huia great toy classic with the ignition key, the steering wheel, the gear lever to steer the car on the running background.

The car in video games

After having warmed up with the Tommy dashboard, we move on to serious things: the arcade with the chair, the steering wheel, the pedals. The fuel was the pocket money

Of course, the consoles have the same offer, but we must admit that it does not have the same charm, right?

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