Electric Motorcycle Battery

Electric Motorcycle Battery

Electric Motorcycle:

Currently the best motorcycle battery is lead-acid batteries, it is a small amount of lithium batteries. The main reason is the price, cheap ternary polymer lithium batteries cheap, but life is too short, generally about a year on the list, security is also a problem; domestic lithium iron phosphate battery is also short life, resistance, price Is not cheap, so are generally bought the United States A123 B batteries to assemble the product (A product is too expensive, and cannot buy), this is also super expensive, 48V20A new yellow 18650 A123 batteries assembled At least 2000-3000 yuan. So, in addition to a few electric motorcycle enthusiasts, the battery is still based on lead-acid.

The battery size is generally divided into voltage and capacity, you can combine their own. Standard voltage is divided into 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V (12V increments), 24V and 36V is generally used for electric bicycles, there is no universal charger above 72V, are generally used by enthusiasts.

The capacity is generally divided into 5AH, 10AH, 12AH, 15AH, 20AH, 22AH, 30AH, 40AH and so on, the battery above 40AH is too heavy, only the tricycle is generally used.

The relationship between voltage and capacity: voltage high speed, high capacity mileage.

Motor Specifications: Motor generally divided by power, 280W, 350W, 500W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1500W, 2000W. Most people use up to 800W enough, more than 1000W are used by enthusiasts.

The greater the motor power, the faster. Looks like it does not matter with the voltage, but the high-power motor in order to reduce the operating current (so good for the battery), the voltage will not be low.

According to the structure of points, the motor can be divided into brush and brushless, with gears and gearless, a total of four kinds are combined: brush teeth, brushless teeth, brushless teeth, brushless toothless. Brushed motor structure is simple, but need to brush for commutation, so the life of the limit by the brush, the power cannot be too large; brushless motor is the mainstream, long life, high efficiency. The main difference between a geared motor and a gearless motor is that the geared motor torque can be large but the current is small (via gear conversion) so that the motor is very energy efficient at start-up and battery life is extended, but the general motor Gear is plastic (metal noise is too large), so domestic goods are generally bad, unless you use Yamaha imported from Japan motor, then no problem. The toothless motor is best not to start full, so that the battery current is large, the battery is not good, and climbing ability is not as good as a toothed motor, that is, good life, made in China.

Just said that the relationship between motor power and voltage, because the power P = voltage U x current I, so the power of the same motor, the higher the voltage, the smaller the current, the smaller the battery discharge current, the longer the discharge time Two motors with the same power, high voltage and low voltage running mileage can be more (the same battery).

In summary, the relationship between motor power and battery has been very clear. You only need to pay attention to that, it is best not to ride a large current discharge, so bad on the battery on the line. In addition, the battery voltage and the motor voltage to use the same.

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