How To Integrate Google Adsense Into WordPress

How To Integrate Google Adsense Into WordPress

Buy Adsense Account because google adSense is one of the main methods that many people use to monetize their blogs or varied web pages, being practically the highest percentage of money could offer us over what we would find, in other similar services.

While it is true that we would need a good positioning and quality traffic for our website if we want to have a good daily income and of course, monthly , this comes to be a continuous work that will be carried out by the editor and the administrator of a blog of WordPress; The publication of articles has to be constant , because if at any given time you have stopped writing content, simply the web page will fall and your visits will decrease.

Now, there are certain tricks that are usually implemented in a WordPress blog when you want to effectively monetize the posts there, something that is directly involved with the type of ad we generate and the position they will reach Have inside our blog; For this reason and in this article we will try to analyze the possibility of creating these ads with Google AdSense, and then have to place them in strategic sites within the content of each post.

But what is Google AdSense?

This is one of the main questions that are usually asked by those who start a WordPress blog, who on hearing about Google Adsense are fascinated by what many people have come to obtain in terms of monthly income; Google AdSense is not a magic wand but rather, it is an ad manager that has a close relationship with “advertisers”; The relationship extends to bloggers, who will earn money by displaying text, video or image on their respective websites. Depending on the theme and the region where a WordPress blog is deployed, the content will try to keep consistent with those aspects.

Having a Google Adsense account is convenient so buy adsense account, since you will never have to deal with advertisers to collect your money , this is because the administrators of this monetization system is responsible for charging it for you after having collected their percentage.

Google AdSense offers all your affiliates (ie you) a cost-per-click (CPC) value depending on the type of ad a visitor clicked on when they visited your item. In that sense, it should be mentioned that Google Adsense has strict measures regarding the protection of advertisers’ money , since if at any given time you have noticed that you have clicked on your own ads will simply delete your account without having suddenly recognized Nothing .

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