Methodology To Check The Presence Of A Gps Tracker On His Vehicle

Methodology To Check The Presence Of A Gps Tracker On His Vehicle

Without falling into excessive paranoia, it may be useful to know how to detect on the vehicle, personal or professional, the presence of a GPS plotter.

Why use a GPS tracker? For what purposes?

On top of that, you could ask me two questions, relevant ones I agree, to try to prove my madness, namely:

Which people would have the crazy idea to put a hidden gps tracker for car ? The possibilities are many: a boss indecent and paranoid, a girlfriend a little jealous via the good offices of a private detective, a possible master singer or just a rental vehicle whose movements are monitored for marketing purposes.

Come on, only the CIA or secret services, or even Batman, has access to this GPS tracker technology, public solutions are way too expensive! In fact no, because now buying a GPS tracker on the net or in a store is as expensive as buying a small TV. Not to mention that your smartphone is already in itself a GPS plotter that can be exploitable to follow you (and geolocation, eh? GPS navigation? See apple case).

Well, it is true that the explosion of GPS tracers on vehicles will probably begin to explode in the United States (see US news: the administration of President Barack Obama urges the Supreme Court to authorize the GPS tracking of vehicles without the need for mandates), but it is not excluded that this will happen one day or another in Europe.

The different types of GPS plotters

So much for questions, let’s get down to business. In fact, there are three types of GPS tracker that should know how to spot. Here they are:

Passive GPS Plotter

Active GPS Plotter

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