Myths About Rapid Weight Loss In The HCG Diet

Myths About Rapid Weight Loss In The HCG Diet

Recently, HCG diets and diet regimen, which originated in 1950, is getting more and more popular. It is said that this method can remove 1 to 2 pounds of fat a day. By the witness in the fashion magazine’s moving statement, the implementation of this law to lose weight who followed, experts point out myth and his hidden trap.

The HCG diet is a two-part diet consisting of chorionic gonadotropin and a very low-calorie diet.

It is understood that human chorionic gonadal hormones extracted from the urine of pregnant women by injection or oral administration of this hormone can reduce appetite and burn body fat, especially as the hip, thigh, buttocks and stomach, and several more susceptible to obesity Site. In addition, the HCG Diet Diet allows daily diets to be limited to 500 calories. This is about one-third of the daily calories a woman needs.

The website states that, in fact, the scientific community does not agree with its actual efficacy. Many studies show that HCG and placebo are equally effective.

Melina Jampolis, CNN’s diet health specialist, believes that the real reason they can lose weight for those who start HCG diets is their daily 500-calorie diet. She further emphasized that it is dangerous for such a small amount of calories to deprive people of adequate nutrition to maintain their health. Alan explains that when the individual’s diet is under-consumed, the body produces adrenaline and the hormones needed to boost the spirits, plundering the proteins it needs from the muscles and adversely affecting muscle growth.

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