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Ofra Cosmetics

Types of decorative cosmetics

How do they affect the skin? At first glance, they can carry a positive function, for example, the same triethanolamine. It seems that it leads to the restoration of the balance of the skin. But! By itself, it is a strong toxin. Other substances can lead to dryness of the surface of the skin and its deeper layers. Yes, ofra cosmetics uk can protect against ultraviolet light, moisturize the skin or allow decorative cosmetics to retain its composition for a longer period of time, but do not forget that these are chemicals.

More useful for our skin is, of course, organic. Such substances as castor oil, sorbitol, silk proteins, etc., are of great benefit. They moisturize the surface of the skin, make it softer, rejuvenate, take on the function of nourishing the skin, etc.

In connection with the constituents, decorative cosmetics are isolated in several groups. Namely:

Cosmetics containing organic substances; Cosmetics that include minerals; Cosmetics created on the basis of natural substances.

At first glance it may seem that all three types of cosmetics are the same, but in fact it is not.

Let’s see what the differences are.

Let’s start with a group of decorative cosmetics, which includes minerals in its composition. This cosmetic is composed of crushed mineral substances. In general, it can be iron oxide, zinc oxide and talc.

Now a few words about cosmetics, created on the basis of natural substances. It’s its name speaks for itself. Those. this cosmetic, in which you will find natural ingredients, which indicates its usefulness and safety. But what is this type of decorative cosmetics different from the next organic type? At first glance this is generally the same thing. But this is not so. Natural decorative cosmetics should contain in its composition at least one plant element. In organic cosmetics, this figure is much greater. It should be at least 95-98% of the composition of plant elements or elements of animal origin. In fact, manufacturers of natural cosmetics are very few.

Manufacturers of this organic cosmetics can be counted on the fingers. But nevertheless, the manufacturer is not forbidden to talk about himself as a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, if in the composition of his products there is at least one natural element.

Of course, it’s much more interesting to look at decorative cosmetics containing organic substances. There may be a longer list of components. But it is enough just to read the make-up of the cosmetic.

It is better, if possible, still choose your own decorative cosmetics, in which there are more minerals and natural substances and as little synthesized and chemical as possible. Although such cosmetics will be at a much higher price.

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