Philips Hair Dryer

Philips Hair Dryer

We will introduce Philips Hairdryer , a new product scheduled to be released on April 21. Philips Nanocore Hair Dryer Rouge Pink “EH – NA 94 – RP” This Hair Dryer is equipped with a “Hot Rhythm Mode” which automatically detects ambient temperature with a sensor and alternately generates hot and cold air at optimal intervals It is installed.

Moreover, “scalp mode” which dries it at the temperature which is friendly to the ground drys the ground with the wind at about 60 ° C (at room temperature 30 ° C). I am also using a hair dryer, but since I use it every day, unexpectedly the dust has gotten stuck in my mouth without knowing it . Moreover, it is hard to take. But this EH – NA 94 , cleaning filter is installed! It is difficult to dust and you can clean simply with a tissue etc. For me it is a very attractive part. The colors to worry about – Rouge pink 4 colors in addition to pink, total of 5 colors and variations are plentiful.

Salon Supershall Nano

Hair continues to be said from a long time ago the life of a woman.

Certainly, a beautiful woman with hair is not only stuck in the eyes of a man , it is also a longing for the same name.

it penetrates deep into the hair, and it is reborn into the hair which is gathered moistly.

The effect is realized in 2 weeks!

The voice of the monitor

  • The sense of gloss of the hair was up.
  • The hair becomes smooth and the finger street is smooth.
  • A cohesion came out, so that the bristles have gloss.
  • There is a calm and cohesiveness of the hair.
  • Hair is more slippery than usual.

Hair Dryer TID 450-S purchase record

about hairdryer Philips or anything else that industry

has been organized The

thing I used so far was SANYO’s wind volume of 0.9 m 3 / min and

it was compact in place of entry class so I was not in trouble placing place

Since we are male short hair, although this degree is sufficient even though this degree is enough to

dry it is a time-consuming dryer and the temperature goes down as the air volume increases

it and quietness It is better to turn a bigger fan at a lower speed than a small fan turning with a low rotation

In some cases, the air volume is also large

But the main body also gets bigger

The balance around it is the point of choosing the dryer

Dry with a low temperature large air flow Is it? Do you dry it with high temperature small air flow rate?

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