Symptoms Of Toothache

Symptoms Of Toothache

Let’s start by making a small introduction and for best medicine for toothache we can say that toothache is a disease around the jaw or face and that it mainly appears due to the problem with a tooth being the source of the pain the irritation of a nerve in the root, infection, decay or loss of a tooth. As a general rule, the cause of the most common toothache is due to the inflammation of the pulp of the tooth, a condition known as pulpitis that usually occurs when there is tooth decay in the tooth.

In this way there is a hole formation in the tooth or grind so the nerve is exposed and may come into direct contact with food or drink and that contact with the nerve produces acute and very intense pain. At this time, it is necessary to treat this problem because if not the pulp of the tooth will become infected and continue to cause a sharp and continuous pain due to the formation of an abscess in the area.

Symptoms of toothache

It is not easy to define what are the main symptoms of this pain, although if all those who have suffered a toothache coincide, it is that we are facing a very intense and continuous pain that manifests itself by constant pain in both the jaw, the head as in ear. As a general rule the pain will be more intense when eating or drinking, especially in contact with cold or hot substances. Finally, we could name some of the main symptoms of toothache such as pain when chewing, sensitivity to hot and cold food, bleeding around the tooth or gum and swelling of the area and the entire jaw.

Causes of toothache

One of the main concerns of the patients of Prop dental is to know what are the causes of toothache and in this sense, it must be said that the causes are very diverse and depend on several factors. As we have already advanced, it is necessary to highlight the inflammation of the pulp as one of the most frequent causes in the appearance of this pain, being a situation that occurs if there is a dental caries. In addition to this it must be said that toothache can also appear after some dental treatments as an example after a dental obturation since this intervention makes it possible to irritate the pulp.

Finally, we finish this list of causes talking about a series of conditions of a general nature that can be the cause of the appearance of toothache being abscesses, ulcers or sinusitis some of these examples as well as it should be noted that teething in babies or children It can be another cause of toothache.

Diagnosis of toothache

When a person suffers from constant toothache it means that there is a dental problem and for this it is necessary to go to a dentist to make a personalized diagnosis and let us know the cause of this problem. Despite the fact that many times the patient believes they know which tooth is affected by the pain, it is necessary to point out that sometimes the nerves of the teeth send erroneous messages to the brain so that only the dentist can find the affected area.

One of the most common ways to diagnose toothache is to rinse the affected area with hot water since with this process we will be able to eliminate the adhering food particles that will allow us to make a test to check the heat sensitivity of the nerve. In addition to this method there is also the possibility of subjecting the patient to a dental radiography and through it the specialist will be able to detect any anomaly such as caries, dental fissures or problems related to the jaw bone.


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