Truly Effective Natural Mosquito Remedies

Truly Effective Natural Mosquito Remedies

The Seals-Mous are back! You who could not stand the bad weather, now the sun is finally at the tip of his nose, the thermometer regains some strength, but you also find the mini-hassle of summer, namely these femora blood-sucking bitter, responsible for pretty, itchy pimples.

Do not panic: instead of using highly polluting aerosol cans or DEET- based electric chemical mosquito repellents, these are five truly effective best mosquito killer. The idea being not to kill them, but especially to repel them.

The mosquito nets

You do not always think about it, but here is the most effective anti-mosquito solution. I use it especially for my baby who marks a lot of mosquito bites and who itches a lot then, but I could also use it over my bed (a mosquito net for two people costs about twenty euros). Forcibly, it is recommended not to lock yourself with a mosquito in the mosquito net, otherwise a torrid night is assured, but not necessarily as you hope.

You can also equip your windows and doors with mosquito nets, it is very effective, but not always practical or pretty. If you feel like it, the Sustainable Consume blog offers you a tutorial to make yourself a net.

Lemon eucalyptus

I have never been convinced of the effect of citronella, but I tested the recommendations of Julien Kaibeck, author of the blog Julien’s essentials and the book Adopt the cosmetic slow. This specialist in natural and organic cosmetics recommends lemon eucalyptus essential oil (eucalyptus citriodora), reputed for its anti-mosquito and anti-inflammatory repellent properties

For this lemon eucalypsus essential oil to play its role, spread 15 drops with your diffuser or soak a handkerchief. You can also add some to your shower gel or body cream when you’re traveling. For now, it works pretty well.

The incense of essential oils

Successfully tested last year, the incense made from plants and natural essential oils offered by the brand “Incense of the World “worked well at home. I did not believe it at first, but it proved effective when I could not get rid of some mosquitoes coming to bother me at night until the end of November!

Other brands must offer similar products, but I admit that it convinced me and I recommend it willingly

The grandmother thing

A trap that circulates the web and that I could test there is little is to develop a mixture with 20 cl. of water, 50 grams of brown sugar and 1 gram of yeast (baker’s yeast). Heat the water with the sugar and allow to cool before pouring it into the lower part of a plastic bottle cut in half.

Sprinkle yeast without mixing. Then turn the neck of the bottle cut on the bottom of the container filled with your mixture.


Wrap the whole thing in black paper and place the trap in a room of the house (if possible there you want to be protected, in a not too big and closed room): the mosquitoes will be attracted by the gases coming from the fermentation of the sugar and will be trapped in the bottle.

The problem is that this remedy kills mosquitoes, natural remedy of course, but horse remedy that is not necessarily consistent with the principles of respect for life


The best way is also to anticipate as much as possible the conditions in which you will rest – and to protect yourself in your environment in the long term (especially with the tiger mosquito that now arrives at the gates of Paris, if there is no alert Sanitary still, you never know)

Avoid leaving containers filled with stagnant water in your home (and in your near outside), it is a favorable place for the development of the larvae.

Sweat and scents attract these insects, so make sure you do not smell bad without feeling too good – basically, avoid using scented cosmetics;)

Finally, try to keep the room or the place where you are going to rest, turn off the lights to avoid attracting insects

And then you do not have to mess with your anti-mosquito ultra-sound application, it is totally ineffective: the females are insensitive to these vibrations. The same goes for insect electrocutors that use white or ultraviolet light.

In short, if you have other effective natural remedies, I’m interested! And do not forget: “If you think you are too small to change anything, try sleeping with a mosquito in your room” (Betty Reese).

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