Water Damage Companies

Water Damage Companies

Water damage companies can act quickly to reduce or possibly eliminate damage to homes from floods, leaky pipes and roofs, or water ever the source of the unwanted water may be. The longer water sits on the floor, in the walls, or in ceilings, the more likely it is for structural damage to occur. This article will briefly review what water damage companies do and why it is important to act fast.

What do water damage companies do?

Many water damage companies are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will extract the water and dry the area. They also work with the insurance company and remove saturated carpet under their direction, or per the homeowners request. Furniture, belongings, and carpet can be treated to prevent mold growth.

Common services provided by water damage companies are water extraction, crawl space drying, structural drying, basement drying, humidification, disinfecting, sanitation, odor control, sewage clean-ups, carpet cleaning, debris removal, and mold remediation. Some will even do emergency board-ups, manage wind damage, and provide document drying.

Suggestions from Water Damage Companies

Water damage companies try their best to be in the home as quickly as possible, typically within 48 hours. If it is a water emergency, many will be out in as little as 4 hours. In the meantime, there are some things that the homeowner can do to minimize damage and loss. Here are a few suggestions offered by water damage companies:

First, be safe! Do not go near or use any electrical appliances where there is water

  •         Depending on the cause, shut off the water source
  •         Remove any wet area rugs
  •         Use a mop or blot areas to soak up as much water as possible
  •         Wipe water off affected furniture
  •       If the furniture is on a rug, it may be necessary to place aluminum foil or       blocks of wood between the wet carpet and the furniture legs
  •       If the cushions on furniture are wet, prop them up so that they can get air circulation and dry
  •        If the water damage happens in the summer, turn on the air conditioner to aid drying
  •         Lift up any curtains that may be in contact with the wet floor
  •         Open closet doors and furniture drawers to help them dry
  •         Water damage companies know that most water emergencies are stressful. They do their best to remove water and restore homes.

Even though most homes will not experience this type of damage, it is a good idea to already have the name and number of reputable water damage companies handy as well as the home insurance contact number.

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